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About Linsey Cooke Hypnotherapy
Linsey Cooke Hypnotherapy offers an alternative solution to many different issues.
Hypnotherapy is about empowering each individual to unlock the information held in their subconscious mind to overcome their issues or unwanted habits or behaviours. Helping the person to change and lead a stress free, fulfilled life.
Sessions are offered in a friendly environment, where they can feel completely relaxed and at ease with confidence that they will be treated as an individual using a treatment plan designed especially for them, secure in the knowledge that everything will be dealt with confidentially.
The aim is to reduce the impact the unwanted behaviour is having on their everyday life. With every session (excluding smoking cessation) a free consultation is offered.
About Linsey
linsey My name is Linsey Cooke and I live in Stockton-on-Tees with my six-year-old son.
I spent a number of year working my way up in the NHS administrative field where I became a general practice manager in the specialist field of addiction. During this time, I gained a Business Management Degree from the University of Teesside.
Having made the decision to leave the NHS 4 years ago to focus on my son, I have continued to hold administrative roles and enjoy the daily interactions with many different individuals.
I had been intrigued about hypnotherapy for a number of years but I've never taking the plunge to seek any for myself, I happened upon a course being delivered in Middlesbrough and I can honestly say I have never looked back. It has changed my outlook on life and how I deal with it. I am so passionate about the benefits that hypnotherapy offers that I would like to share it with others. I only wish I had discovered it fifteen years ago.
hypnoslimmer Hypnoslimmer are the world leader in hypnotic weight control, hypnotherapy for weight loss, and the virtual hypno gastric band.
More and more people are now reaping the benefits of using hypnosis for weight loss.
We use a combination of modern clinical hypnosis, NLP, and mind technology to safely and effectively reprogram your subconscious mind allowing you to lose weight in a safe and natural way.
All our clinical hypnotherapists are highly trained in this hypnotic procedure and are dedicated in helping you become your desired shape and size.

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Pricing £65 per session with an initial free consultation
£199 one off Smoking Cessation session
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Anne Linsey is such a kind, caring woman who puts so much effort into individual treatments to suit each client. She has helped me with confidence building and managing my anxiety and after only 2 sessions I have seen a difference. Can’t thank her enough! Steve I went to see Linsey on 4/12/16 for help to stop smoking after smoking for 28 years. I am more than happy to say that I am still not smoking and have no intention of doing so again. Definitely would recommend. Sarah Second week of this fabulous program lost 15cms this week that’s 26cms already. Onward and upwards. Thanks Linsey. Leah I have received hypnotherapy from Linsey for IVF treatment. I have to say this has completely supported me to overcome my anxiety over the treatment. I have completed a few sessions and also some home hypnotherapy techniques that Linsey showed me. Before I started my therapy, I was very anxious about the treatment as I had tried things before to get pregnant and they have not worked for one reason or another. I am extremely grateful to Linsey for the help and support she has given me for IVF. I do believe the sessions have helped me a great deal, thank you Linsey! Leah xx
Frequently Asked Questions
What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy of guiding a person to a heightened state of relaxation. While in this heightened state of relaxation positive suggestions are made to the subconscious part of the brain to bring about changes to feelings, thoughts and behaviours.
What is the difference between the conscious and the subconscious part of the brain?

The conscious part of the brain is responsible for logic and reasoning and controls your intentional actions.
The subconscious part of your brain is the part that holds your beliefs, attitudes and values the part that keeps you alive without thinking about it – breathing and pumping blood.
An example of this is learning to drive. When you begin, you have to think about every action that is your conscious mind. After a while you can do it without thinking about the actions. This is where your subconscious mind has taken over.
How many sessions will I need?

Most people need a minimum of two sessions (excluding a free initial consultation, weight management and smoking cessation). Longer programmes in certain circumstances may be recommended however clinical hypnosis is about giving the client the tools to make their own positive changes.
Will I loose control?

You will be fully in control and aware of what is happening at all times no matter how deeply hypnotised you are. You will be able to speak and respond to questions and you can’t be made to do anything against your own moral or ethical judgment.
Can anyone be hypnotised?

Most people are susceptible to hypnotherapy. You must be fully engaged in the process have a willingness to be hypnotised.
Children are particular susceptible to hypnotherapy and a number of issues can be dealt with using the process.
Is there a regulating body?

I am registered with the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) which is governed by the GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council). This means she adheres to their assessment and accreditation criteria along with completing the recommended around of CPD (continuous professional development) and supervision on an annual basis.
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